Antimicrobial resistance can be fought with good hygienic practices and cleaning procedures

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Campden BRI microbiologist and specialist in heat resistance and decontamination Rob Limburn breaks down the threat of antimicrobial resistant organisms in food production and the steps producers can take to limit their impact.

Fire fighters tackled a blaze at Village Bakery in Wrexham

Blaze tackled at Wrexham bakery 腾讯we游戏平台为什么有剑网三

Fire fighters rushed to a bakery factory in Wrexham after being alerted to the blaze at 8:41 this morning (19 August).

Scottish seafood exports grew to 2,630 tonnes last year

Scottish seafood exports to Japan up 340%腾讯新游戏平台we game

Scottish seafood exports to Japan more than quadrupled last year, as a contingent of seafood companies head east to bolster the export trend.


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